From Inception to Realization

Specifar is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical firms in Greece. A key success factor is the contribution of our high calibre personnel, carefully selected for their professional integrity. With the help of the creative marketing strategy our sales force, which numbers 170 sales representatives, fulfils the company’s objectives, covering the whole of Greece.Our strategy is based on the innovative concept of disease management and to this end we provide a full range of therapeutic treatments in several disease entities of current medical interest.

Specifar is present in the following therapeutic areas: CVS, CNS, UTS, Oncology, Haematology, Metabolic Disease and Immunology.Specifar’s market penetration strategy is that of therapeutic scanning, meaning we provide the Greek healthcare professionals with all therapeutic alternatives for treating the said diseases.

Our motto is:

- No therapeutically uncovered patients

- No therapeutically uncovered physicians

- No missed business opportunities

In order to achieve the marketing strategy, our company utilizes every single technical and scientific medium, such as:

• Strong presence in major medical and pharmaceutical congresses and symposia

• Scientific program advertising

• Satellite symposia

Specifar is engaged in a number of different activities. From idea inception to making sure that the final product is available for every patient, we strive for excellence and uniqueness in our everyday operations.