Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability Management System

It is the EHS Policy of Specifar SA to:

  • - Comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and other requirements designed to protect the environment, health and safety at work.
  • - Strive toward our ultimate objective of eliminating all EHS incidents by considering the health and safety of people and the environment when making and implementing business decisions.
  • - Provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractor, consultants, customers and visitors by proactively identifying and correcting unsafe conditions and behaviors.
  • - Minimize adverse environmental impacts and protect the environment from Specifar SA operations, products and services by using processes, practices, materials and products that avoid, reduce, control or mitigate pollution.
  • - Promote the responsible and efficient use of energy and natural resources and other sustainable business practices within Specifar SA and our value chain.
  • - Evaluate the EHS properties of Specifar SA products and materials and communicate relevant hazards to employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  • - Establish appropriate governance structures to ensure management involvement and oversight of material EHS matters.
  • - Establish on an annual basis by the Management, through EHS Councils, the Environment, Health and Safety objectives and allocate the appropriate resources to implement this policy.
  • - Implement an EHS management system to effectuate this policy and establish a minimum local standard of care.
  • - Continuously improve our systems, processes and performance and intergrade EHS into Specifar SA business processes.
  • - Ensure that all employees are suitably qualified to perform their duties in accordance with this policy and encourage their active participation in EHS efforts and initiatives.
  • - Engage stakeholders and regularly communicate our progress and performance to our stakeholders and employees.


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