Established in 1933

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Established in 1933, Specifar is one of the starting players in the domestic pharmaceutical industry as the latter developed through the changes that the country has envisioned all these years.

2001 was a breakthrough year for Specifar as the new development and manufacturing plant was launched. A solid investment in human resources took also place, to bring experienced key people for all stages of the development and marketing process.

In 2003, Specifar was granted its 1st marketing authorization on a foreign market (in 24 countries of the EU) and, following a successful development and roll-out plan, the first product launch within the European Union took place in 2004.

In 2004-2005 and following a finale of a 3-year smooth management transition towards the new generation, special focus was given to the Greek market strategy. The product portfolio has been enriched, Specifar sales network was re-built and as a result, Specifar has become one of the fastest growing companies in Greece with the growth being totally organic.

Management gives increased attention to the Greek business unit (‘Own Brand’) combining its increasing brand awareness, the effective and outperforming sales network, the favoring generics market outlook and its well structured product portfolio. As a result, in 2008 management moved the growing sales and marketing sections to new premises in downtown Athens. Likewise and in line with strategy, the company’s Thessaloniki office opened in 2009 and the Crete office opened in February 2010.